Friday, February 26, 2010

Supporting Research And Innovations

Nowadays we can see rapid rising of engineering colleges,especially,deemed universities.Well,there is no problem... You can establish as many colleges as you like,fine. But the thing is that a college is meant to create a nascent mind turned into a well-developed,talented mind.Well-developed means the capability of creating new ideas and theories and enough capable to understand the life and challenges that they are going to face in their coming years.I have seen in many newly formed universities,they don't have any concern about this research and development programs.In fact they also don't have any period for recreational activities.You never know what type of talent you may discover about you.Nobody is a born talented or extra-ordinary.They have to furnish themselves to know and grow their talents.Every students has some talents.Talent doesn't mean good grades or good in studies because everyone is studying hard to surpass their rivals or competitors.For example,In India, there are 5,00,000 students who secure 9.0 or more cgpa but there is only 3,00,000 jobs in our country.
Everyone is running in a race.But you should know that in a rat race, the topper is a rat and the loser is also a rat,which I think doesn't makes any difference.Unless and until,colleges will not help students in order to create a good mind by involving them in research and self-training,there will be no difference in the flow of knowledge in between the students.They will know whatever written in the book and they will pass it from one generation to other like an ancestral property but the real joke will be that they will never knew or understand a thing about it.
So in order to increase the efficiency of the students,the College must performs research and involve the students in it.Its not like you put it in the notice board and you get rid off it..No, each and every students must be involved.In new colleges,It's very easier to do that.
For example, Suppose The college has to build a canteen in its premises.They need designs and many things.Instead of going to professionals why just do it through the only need man power from outside. For construction design, you can involve Civil Department's Students and lab trainers or professors.For electrical appliances and fitting, you can involve all Electrical and its related branches and faculties and similarly you can design many appliances like pipe fitting and many related stuffs with the help of  mechanical and many instruments or softwares like automatic billing or System architectonic or programming with the help of Computer Science branches.Now see how it helps in reducing expenditures and increasing not only efficiency of the students but also improving teacher-students relationship and thus passing a good technical knowledge and work experience throughout the college.